Summary of Day 2 | Aavhan’18

IIT Bombay-A had a rather fantastic start to the Day 2 of Aavhan, winning the cricket match against their own team-B by a whopping 75 runs. The 2nd semi final was an easy win for COEP winning by 1 wicket against Rizvi.

In football, both Vidyalankar Institute of Technology and VCET had a easy win 2-0 against BITS Goa and COEP respectively. Snattak, IITB won against IIT BHU 3-2 in the penalties. While IITB-A against TCET with a score 1-0.

Hockey Raighad became the first team to qualify for the semis by defeating IIT Kanpur 1-0. While Republicans Sports won 6-4 against Killedar XI, Lokhandwala HC won 4-0 against the Ordance Boys. The match between IITB and Jeevan Jyoti went into the penalties, the latter winning 3-1.

Andheri pool emerged as winners in water polo after defeating IIT Kanpur 6-4 in the finals.

The athletics event kickstarted today. It saw some rather jaw dropping runs and performances by various athletes.

Today was a day for the basketball fans! The day was filled with neck to neck matches, intense passion for the game and amazing showcase of skill and talent. IIT Bombay defeated IIT BHU with a whopping score of 72-32. While COEP, MIT Pune, BVP YM also emerging victorious in their closely fought matches. St. Andrews and Ruparel completely dominated their opponents winning 20-0 and 25-1 against Cummins College and VJTI respectively. While BVP and IIT B girls had a closely fought match with the former winning 33-29, the game of the day undoubtedly goes to the match between Poddar and K.C. College which went into overtime and later won 49-47.

IIT Bombay dominated the TT scenario for Day 2. While IIT B-A won against IIT BHU, IITB-B conquered MPSTME with Ratan Kirti advancing to the Men’s singles finals.

Volleyball girls concluded with IITB-A crushing Cummins in all 3 sets to win the Overall Championship. Boys matches IIT-BHU, SIT, IITB-A, IITB-B & SVPM won their respective matches, all advancing to the semis.

This was the brief of a fairly eventful Day 2, now let’s buckle up for the ever-enthralling finale of Aavhan.

Stay tuned!

Summary of Day 1 | Aavhan’18

Continuing the excitement, thrill and energy, Day 1 of Aavhan was overloaded with great competition and fun.
The day started with an enthralling cricket match which COEP won against IIT Kanpur by 2 wickets. 
The football matches were electrifying withVidalankar Institute of Technology, Thakur College of Engineering , COEP each beating DBIMR, DBIT and VJTI with a score of 1-0.
Hockey Raigad won against Coorg XI with a score of 3-2. IIT Kanpur had an easy win , defeating COEP 1-0. 
Water-polo saw some serious competition today. IIT B faced its first defeat of water polo in neck to neck match against IIT K with a score 4-3 and MES Garware tied 7-7 with IIT Kanpur in the semi-finals. IITB lost to ASP in the second semi-final.
An amazing display of skills and flair was seen on the basketball court today. An austouding start to the day, YMC won dominatingly over BVP. IIT B won its first game 46-40 against DY Patil and wet on to thrash Thakur college with a score of 87-53. IITB girls drew inspiration from the boys and won 48-33 against IIT BHU. St.Andrew girls also recorded an easy win over LNMIIT.

In badminton, Viraf qualified for pre-quarter finals in Men’s Singles as well as Men’s Doubles, teaming up with Adit Daftary.
NITs had a good day at Kho kho today with NIT Raipur defeating IIT BHU. While NIT Trichy boys beat Rourkela, the girls proved to be difficult for COEP. IIT Bhu defeated DY Patil but couldn’t conquer IITB and lost to them once again today. 
In squash Jindal, IITB and NMSA beat IIT Kanpur, Kamalvihar, IIT BHU 3-0, respectively and IIT Kgp, Jolly Gymkhana and KJ Somaiya conquered IIT BHU and IIT Madras 2-1.
This was the brief for Day 1. Let’s keep the energy alive and stay tuned for further updates.

Summary of Day 0 – Aavhan’18

Day 0 of the premier sports fest of IIT Bombay started with a bang! The dedication and effort of the players was clearly seen in their game, and the energetic and high-spirited support from the crowd kept the mood ever lively. We witnessed cut throat competition, at the same time great teamwork and integrity.

The day started off a high intensity water polo match between ASP and IMU which the former won with a score of 10-5. The second match was very enthralling in which IIT B swept IIT D off its feet with a score of 8-1. The match between Andheri & MES turned out to be neck to neck in which IMU won with a close margin of 7-6.  MES proved to be overpowering for IMU, defeating it with a score of 8-1. The highlights of the day were the clashes between the IITs with IIT Bombay beating IIT Delhi.


The cricket face-off between IITB Alum and IIT Goa was won by IITB Alumni by 34 runs and Shubham Gupta was awarded man of the match. Rizvi proved difficult to conquer and defeated LMNIT by 42 runs.


Killedar XI beat Navi Mumbai with a score of 3-1 to win the first hockey match of the tournament. Republican Sports recorded an easy victory over the BARC Staff Club with a dominant score of 6-1, whereas Lokhandwala HC team beat Mansi Foundation in the third match of the day. The 4th and final match of the day was a walk over, with Ordnance Boys recording a win over Ave Maria HC.

For all the football fanatics, the first two matches today remained low-scoring with VJTI winning 1-0 against LNMIIT and DBIMR winning 3-0 against SIRT. The third match of the day enthralled the crowd in which COEP recorded a 4-3 victory over TSEC with the match going into penalty shootouts.

The inaugural matches of basketball were extremely thrilling and kept the audience glued to their seats. IIT Bombay-B lost to St. Andrews by a score of 35-45 inspire of giving a tough competition, whereas KJ Somaiya had an undeniable win over Royal COllege. The girls match between K.C College and Ranjan was won not to be missed. KC College stole the show with their fast moves and swift passes, winning with a score of 45-17. These results summarize the day in depth! Day 1 is going to be more exciting as some of the best teams face each other. For all other scores and live updates, follow our website:


The day has arrived, Aavhan 2018!

The second edition of Aavhan, IIT Bombay’s premier sports festival, will be flagged off today on Thursday, the 29th of March. The four day extravaganza will bring together participants to combine the thrill of competition with the joy of sports. With the institute’s state-of-the-art facilities playing host to over 5000 sports-persons representing universities, clubs and organisations across the nation, tough battles will be waged across courts, fields and the pool in a bid to bring home the glittering trophies that are at stake in 14 different sports.

With a weekend of sporting frenzy ahead of them, a palpable fever has already gripped the entire sports fraternity at IIT Bombay. The home contingent, much like the inaugural edition will not give any quarters and their opponents will have to toil and prove their mettle to emerge champions. With some of the finest talent from across the country on display, the atmosphere promises to be electric and the spectator turnouts, much larger than before.

Aavhan is a journey that has just begun – a story of grit, goals and growth; and thorough brainstorming, extensive planning and relentless work has gone in to translate this long standing dream into a reality. What stood out about last year’s edition was the manner in which it was hallmarked by a spirit of sportsmanship that seemed to prevail over all else, without taking away from the intense competitiveness that characterised the adrenaline driven matches; and we shall keep the flame burning and this spirit alive as Aavhan soars to greater heights.

Khajjiar Expedition – Mini Switzerland in India

“We travel not to escape life… But for life not to escape us!”

The fall of December ‘17 promised an adventurous and beautiful trek to students in the insti. The Institute Sports Council had organized a 5 day winter trek from Khajjiar to Bhala village through the picturesque hills of Himachal Pradesh.

2 (1)

An enthusiastic batch of 46 students reached Dalhousie and travelled further to reach the Khajjiar campsite on Day 1. After getting a little accustomed to the chilling weather, the group embarked upon the trek and a lot of other adventure activities from the very next day. The trekkers would climb during the day, gathering mesmerizing sights that would serve as lifelong memories of the Himalayas and return to the campsite at night to a warm and welcoming bonfire and fun games!


Somesh Kulkarni, a fellow trekker at Khajjiar, has very fond memories which he shares- “We reached the pickup point around noon and were picked up by the tour manager around 5 pm. After transferring our luggage to the campsite, all of us settled into the cold weather. It took us time to get accustomed to the weather and the campfire helped. The tour instructor gave preliminary instructions for the trek next day. The next day involved a lot of uphill trekking and the idea was to reach the highest point in Dalhousie. The trek was enthralling and ended with a fascinating view of Himalayan Ranges from the top. We returned back at around 4 in the evening. The evening bonfire became the routine with Mafia and Dumb Charades going late into the night.”

5 (1)

“The next few days were full of adventure and enduring treks with activities like jumaring. The view of the Khajjiar lake was fascinating. Throughout the trek, the food provided was amazing and gave us the local flavour, and the celebration organized on the new year’s eve gave us a glimpse into the local culture as well. The tour ended with folk dance by the local artists. Overall, it was a great experience to end the year on an adventurous note.”

IIT Bombay Sports organizes major expeditions like the Khajjiar trek in the Summer and Winter for mountaineering enthusiasts. Keep a close eye on the updates, as the seats fill out at the drop of a hat!

Shalu – Kho Kho

An integral part of the IIT Bombay Kho-kho team right from her freshmen year, she took up the role of a captain perfectly as she converted two successive silvers in the last two years to gold this year! Do not let her looks mislead you, she’s uncatchable on court. The most cheerful member of the team, she leads from the front. Introducing to you the best player (women) in Kho-kho at Udghosh, Shalu Panwar…

Early days…

I started playing Kho-kho in my 7th class and never stopped after that. I participated in many regional level competitions in my school days. I was a decent player before coming here – it is here at IITB where I learnt most of the game and improved tremendously in these last three years.

Why Kho-kho? What keeps you going?

I have been involved in sports right from my freshie year. I always enjoy sports and it is the best time of my day when I go to the ground. Kho-kho being the sport I used to play in my school days, I chose this game as my NSO sport. But mainly, I think the bonding between our team players and the kind of environment created is one of the key reasons which keeps me going.

On her practice routine and food habits…

As Udghosh is in October, we have only 3 months to practice. It is quite difficult in the last leg to manage classes, practice sessions and your diet, so we try to keep 2 sessions per day only on weekends. Sometimes Sundays are off so that we recover from the hectic sessions of the week.

On preparing her mind before a game…

The thing is that I’m generally very nervous before every match, but as soon as the match starts, my whole focus is on the task at hand and I forget everything. So my mantra before any match is to just keep talking to my teammates about something or the other to keep me distracted.

Her most memorable moment…

For me, the best moment was when we won gold in Udghosh’17 – all our efforts and dedication which we had poured into our practice sessions had paid off. It was the proudest moment for me.

Her role model…

Saina Nehwal is my sports icon, because she is very dedicated to her game and she works until she achieves what she set out to.

Any personal future plans? What do you want to be remembered as?

To be a good sports person and to inspire others to take up sports. I want to be remembered as a player who has motivated others always. What my thinking is, that anyone can learn anything, all you need is to have faith, enthusiasm and dedication towards it.

On sports at IIT Bombay…

We have very good facilities for sports here at IITB and I hope that one day we’ll be known for having the most amazing infrastructure and players among all the IITs. This is what I dream for sports at IITB. Cheers to IIT Bombay Sports!

Vinay – Kho Kho

“There is no glory in practice, but without practice there is no glory”

The youngest member of the Kho-kho team lives by this quote – he has planned his journey in Kho-Kho to the tiniest detail and his dedication level is unbelievable. In spite of having a hectic academic schedule during the semester, he never missed a single practice session. He never looses his hopes if he doesn’t get the technique right – he works on it even harder until he’s satisfied. No one even comes close to his level of defending, and given all his qualities, it’s no surprise that he has achieved so much. Presenting to you the Best player (men) in Kho kho at Udghosh, Vinay…

Early days…

In my school days, I was passionate about Cricket, Badminton and Kho-Kho. We would play cricket and badminton daily, but Kho-Kho was the one which gave me an emotional touch and taught me the “feel” of the game.

Initially, I only used to play Kho-Kho in my school’s games period, but soon after that we decided to form a school team and participate in the Inter School Sports meet. Earlier I used to get demotivated by the performance of opponents but eventually, we built ourselves as a commendable team and results followed.

Why Kho-kho? What keeps you going?

Irrespective of how much I play, I feel fresh to Kho-Kho every time I step on the court. I try to learn more and more because in my opinion, one can only tend towards becoming a perfect player if he/she keeps practicing – but you can never be the “perfect” one. You will always have something to incorporate in you, something more you can do to improve. This thought has been very motivational and keeps me going.

On his practice routine and diet…

Our team practices for 2 months in every semester and also around 1.5 months in the summer vacation. Our motive is to strengthen the basics and move step by step towards advanced skills. We don’t follow a very particular diet – just mess food. I particularly avoid eating canteen food during our camp period.

On how he handles game pressure…

Though winning is the primary objective of every game, I concentrate more on my performance. I am good at accepting defeats and chasing victory. I always believe in “Try and lose but don’t lose in trying”. Ultimately, it’s the feel and adrenaline rush that I desperately want from a match, not the win . So there are hardly times when I felt nervous; it’s true that “you can go fast only when you keep it light”.

Best moment in sports…

There was one Kho-Kho match against KGCE college in Aavhan, 2017. Every member of my team pushed their limits and gave more than their best. Although we lost, that was the best moment I have ever experienced in sports. At that moment, I set a goal to win Aavhan at least once in my term at IITB.

His role models in sports…

Sachin Tendulkar, Usain Bolt and Mo Farah. The way they never gave up till they got what they wanted awes me.

On sports at IITB…

It has been a great experience to be a part of IITB Sports and it will always be. I hope to see more outdoor area allotted for sports in the future and more people playing there.

On how he wishes to be remembered…

Whatever I become, wherever I go – sports will always be a part of my life. I hope to be remembered as an ideal sports personality.

Narayani – Aquatics

A desire, a dream, a vision combined with hard work, dedication and determination – if there was ever a secret recipe to become a champion, this is it. And this girl is a live example of someone having all of these qualities. The newest member of the Swimming team, she emerged out to be a true champion at the Inter IIT Aquatics Meet 2017. Her enthusiasm and love for the sport is unmatched and no one can keep her away from the water. An outstanding backstroker, she used to beat everyone, including boys, in the team practices. Clinching 2 Gold medals and 2 Silver medals, she led the team to a Runners-Up position after many years. Presenting the Best Swimmer in the female category at the 33rd Inter IIT Aquatics Meet, Narayani Kelkar…

Early days…

I have always considered water to be my natural habitat! To me swimming was love at first sight and I have been swimming since the age of 8 months! My very first memory of being in water was trying to do a backstroke in the beach in my hometown!

On her practice routine…

I was a professional swimmer from the age of 10yrs to 15 yrs. I used to undergo rigorous training sessions of around 5 km every evening which included multiple sprint sets and endurance sets. Apart from that I did strength and core fitness training in the mornings. On the weekends, I used to swim twice a day.

And her food habits…

I was prescribed high fibre food and since I am a strict vegetarian, I had to take help of some protein supplements. To stay hydrated in between sets and otherwise, I used to consume a lot of natural fruit juices and extracts. I made it a point to cut down on high fat foods.

On how she handles nervousness…

Before any crucial event, I tend to be a mess. My best performances have been achieved only when I have tried to control the self detrimental anxiety by watching videos on YouTube of the best swimming events and imagining myself being the fore-swimmer. I make it a point to mentally enact each of his/her strokes in my mind and before the start, on the pedestal, convince myself that I was the winner. My team also have always been a great support! I have realized the importance of having good team members like Ranvita, who encouraged me to think out loud my fears and helped me belittle them – All thanks to Inter IIT! 🙂

Oh who she looks up to…

I think Phelps really inspires me! ADHD remains in each one of us, and it is our and only our duty to tame it and put it to the right use! I really hope I can achieve that kind of self control and motivation someday!

On her future plans and how she wishes to be remembered…

Well, personal future plans are still a work-in-progress, but I will say that they will include “Live life to the fullest!”. I want to give a record breaking performance come next Inter IIT and that’s what I want to be remembered for.

Any message for the aspiring sports-persons at IITB?

I hope and pray that IITB-ians will be motivated to surpass all records held by any other IITs, hone an Olympian someday and start having a research center of its own for sports!

Karan – Squash

“Success is the sum of the small efforts repeated day in and day out.”

Completely new to the game when he stepped into IIT Bombay, he soon found his way into the squash courts and has never looked back since. He is the finest example of what consistency and dedication can do in a short period of time. His unique playing style and his fearless dives have made him a huge crowd puller, and as captain, he led the squash team to victory this Inter IIT, 2017. Presenting Karan Singh Rawat, best player among men – Squash…

On how he started playing…

I started playing squash only 2 years back, during my 2nd semester. I used to play with my friends, and even though we played like noobs, the intensity of our game was quite high. I took part in the Freshmen Open and won 3rd place, and it was only after this that I realized that I had potential and started taking the game seriously.

Why squash?

Squash is one of the most exhausting sports that I have ever played. It is both physically and mentally demanding and I have seen people lose their minds on the court. It is this challenge that made me choose this sport, and my desire to be a better player keeps me going.

On his practice routine and food habits…

A disciplined practice routine and proper food habits both play a huge role for me. Due to my bad eating habits, I had gained a lot of weight during the summer break. So, to get back to shape, I had to follow a very strict low calorie-high protein diet. I also trained twice every day. During the 4 months before Inter IIT, I lost around 12 kgs and luckily I was in my best shape at the right time which helped me a lot in giving a satisfactory performance.

His pre-match preparations…

I try not to think too much about the match, that only creates unnecessary hype and tension. A little nap, watching a funny video and a little conversation with my opponent just before the match helps me a lot.

Best moments…

The game has given me many moments to be cherished, but maybe the best moment for me was during this Inter IIT where we won the gold medal – the moment for which we all had been practising really hard. Personally, I had been waiting for this since the last Inter IIT, where we had stood 4th. The best player award was icing on the cake.

On his sports idols…

James Willstrop, a British squash player, is one of my idols. He is a true gentleman on and off the court. He is also one of the best tactical players in squash with a lot of trick shots.

How he wishes to be remembered…

Well, I’d like to be remembered as someone who is very enthusiastic and likes to learn and compete in different sports. Also, one who likes to play funny shots and doesn’t shy away from diving on the court – the crowd enjoys that!

On sports at IIT Bombay…

We won the Overall GC, I’m sure this will have a positive impact on the sports culture of IIT Bombay. I also believe everyone will be more motivated now and hopefully, we will be able to maintain this enthusiasm for years to come. As in for squash, there has been a lot of improvement in the institute scenario during the last one year, and I am sure there is a lot more to come.

Ratan – Table Tennis

Champions don’t play until they get it right…

Champions play until they can’t get it wrong!

This man hasn’t put a single foot wrong since the moment he stepped into IIT Bombay this semester. No one could beat him at Udghosh, no one could even come close at Inter IIT. Hailing from Noida, his dedication and love for the game have taken him to the highest ranks at the UP state level. The newest member of the IITB Table Tennis team has amazed everyone by giving exemplary performances on court while living a perfectly chilled life off it. Presenting, the best player among men owing it to his unbeaten gold medal winning run at the 52nd Inter IIT Sports Meet, Ratan Kirti….


Early days…

I started out as an amateur player in 9th standard. My elder brother used to beat me in this new sport – so I decided to learn it, master it and then beat him instead! And to be honest, once you start enjoying the look of disappointment on your opponents’ faces, you will not stop at just one victory – you will always want more. That has always been a great motivation for me to to keep going.

On how he developed as a player…

My younger days as a player were pretty messy as on one hand I was able to pull off amazing comebacks, but then went on to lose the easier matches. Inconsistency was a big problem, I guess, but nevertheless, I used to train very hard, knowing that one day I’ll overcome that.

His practice routine, food habits…

I train like a beast during practice sessions, but when I’m off courts, I indulge in a lot of ‘not-so-healthy’ foods and stuff, haha. But if you want to perform well at higher levels like states and nationals, be as diligent as your coach tells you to – in short, be ready to live the life of a monk.

Pre match jitters…

Nothing much, I just try to forget everything and that’s all. I have faith in my preparations and that takes care of the rest.

Some memorable moments…

The best moment for me was this time when I won a deciding match point against someone I used to greatly admire as a player. As I saw the look of disappointment on his face, I realized that it was not different from the others – that was when I learnt that ANYONE can be defeated! That moment did bring in a very important perspective.

On his role models…

Rafael Nadal is one of my favorites, as you can see the results of his extreme training as he chases everything down on the tennis court and Ryu Seung Min (Korean T.T player) because of his fancy footwork.

What do you want to be remembered for?

I want to be remembered for my big heart inside the arena, and my capacity to have fun outside it. Also, I’d like to quote something – A WINNER IS SOMEONE WHO GETS UP WHEN HE CAN’T.

On sports at IIT Bombay…

Given the quality of facilities and Coaches in the Inter IIT camp here, I will be surprised if IIT Bombay doesn’t win the inter IIT GC every time in the future. All the best to everyone!